We Offer Lighting Services From Paraparaumu To Levin

If you're wanting someone to help you with lighting Paraparaumu way, or in the surrounding Kapiti suburbs including Levin (commercial or domestic), we have all sorts of ideas ranging from retrofitting LED and full installation. Starting at design to turning them on or just adding options to brighten up your home inside and out.

Adding ambience through lighting can have a dramatic effect on your favourite areas of your home both inside or out.

There are a lot of different cost effective and sometimes simple ideas to brighten up your renovation, new homes or commercial property and these are some of them.

LED Lighting:

With technology becoming so accessible LED options have drastically come down in price over the last few years. The benefits are huge with instantaneous brightness, less power usage and minimising bulb changes.

We’re passionate about LED lighting and have all sorts of ideas for how you can use it in your home or commercial properties. We are currently doing lots of installations in Paraparaumu homes as well as commercial premises. Let us know if we can help you with this. 


Retrofitting is our way of saying we can change your energy sapping, bulb eating downlights into LED fittings either in the new enclosed style or we can replace whole lights to match existing looks and install LED bulbs into them.


Outside security lighting has two functions, brighten up dark areas of your property (commercial and homes) and also as a great exterior feature to your house. We have lots of ideas for exterior set ups, using sensors and LED fittings and can complete all outside installations.



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Installation Outdoors
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Commercial Reception Lights